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Detect fever and consciousness during the slaughtering process

Our technology enables abattoirs to automatically screen pigs and cows for the presence of fever before an animal is slaughtered, and monitors consciousness throughout to ensure a humane process.

Ethical and efficient operations

Staying ahead of changing legislation and standards.

The rules abattoirs must adhere to are constantly tightening, across Europe and globally. An increase in measures such as mandatory CCTV means abattoirs must show consistently high standards. The cost of operating inefficiently or with unethical behaviour can be substantial, both legally and reputationally.

Without an automated screening process of the body temperature, the risk of potentially sick animals going through the slaughtering process, entering the food chain and ending up on the kitchen table can be high. The presence of animal diseases can also mean the entire abattoir must shut down in order to disinfect.

Our infrared technology automatically detects an increased temperature in pigs or cows, either when being loaded for transportation or on arrival at the abattoir, so that they can be instantly removed from the process.

Our infrared sensors positioned within the premises can also detect how effectively an animal has been stunned. Staff are immediately alerted when a pig or cow displays consciousness, to ensure the animal is adequately stunned before it is killed.

  • Decreases the risk of sick animals entering the food chain

  • Ensures the abattoir operates ethically

  • Aids compliance with animal welfare and industry standards

  • Prevents costly incidents

  • Helps the abattoir operate with greater efficiency

Safe and effective infrared technology

EyeFarming C300 is a cost-efficient infrared thermographic sensor, providing automated measurement and greater control that results in more profitable and sustainable farming.