BMP Innovation AB has received Project Support of 5.2 million SEK from the Swedish Board of Agriculture in cooperation with the European Commission for Agriculture and Rural Development for the Projekt Pigg. The project is ongoing and will be completed by September 2021.

The project aims to develop a precision farming system through digitalized measuring of temperature and weight on pigs through non-invasive distance monitoring leading to increase in quality, lowered costs and decreased stress for both staff and animals.
The system will combine the measurement of the animal’s temperature changes and a mathematical simulation to estimate weight . The project includes the development of a software that can process data in real time and save it in a database of pigs characteristics.

About the Board of Agriculture

The Board of Agriculture is the Government’s expert authority in the agro-food sector, and is responsible for all matters related to agriculture and horticulture. The board monitors and analyses the development within the sector and keeps the Government informed, and implements political decisions within the field of activity.

About the Rural Development Support

The Swedish rural development programme comprises various forms of support. They are intended to encourage efforts to increase competitiveness, help the environment, and improve quality of life in rural areas.