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Non-invasive cow-herd monitoring

Enabling farmers to get an accurate, real-time indication of fever, mastitis, pregnancy and fertility periods in a herd. Increasing the success rate of breeding and reducing the spread of illness and mass use of antibiotics.

The next generation of farming solutions

Non-invasive technology that’s simple to use.

The accurate monitoring of cows is essential to maintain a healthy herd and ensure profitable farm production. Through our thermal infrared cameras and analysis software, farmers can benefit from a simple, time-saving and non-invasive monitoring method.

The system tracks the herd, analysing temperature changes in the cows, and the movement of individual cattle. When matched with pre-defined criteria, the farmer is alerted and can review the data and video evidence, decide on its relevance and what action to take.

The monitoring system can detect the presence of fever, to pick up possible illness and infection early, pregnancy and periods of fertility. Cameras can also be added to milking rooms to detect cows with mastitis, preventing the spread of infection through the milking machinery, and the milk from infected cows entering production.

The early detection of fever or mastitis inflammation allows farmers to treat cows individually, reducing instances of needing to medicate the entire herd, which has many benefits for the cows and the farm’s end produce.

The visual-based system has the added value of allowing farmers to overlay the data with their experience and knowhow, while saving time and money.

  • Increases the accuracy and real-time detection of fertility, pregnancy and possible illness

  • Saves farming resource

  • Increases the success rate of breeding and artificial insemination programs

  • Decreases the risk of disruption to the milking process

  • Reduces the risk of loss of profit to the farm

  • Non-invasive monitoring increases quality of life for the animals and the quality of the farm’s produce

  • Simple-to-use technology with an intuitive interface

Safe and effective infrared technology

EyeFarming C300 is a cost-efficient infrared thermographic sensor, providing automated measurement and greater control that results in more profitable and sustainable farming.