Inspecting the hive

Normally, inspecting the bee hives involves several inconveniences and difficulties. For example, suiting up, getting the smoker on, dismantling each hive for a checkup.

Inspecting the beehive

In winter time, when it’s cold and the idea is not to chill the cluster, it’s even more complicated. However, you still need to know how big the colony is and where it is located inside the hive without opening it.

There is a solution – FLIR IR Camera distributed by Elma Instruments!


Why IR camera

All living organisms, including bees, emit energy as heat (electromagnetic radiation) and light.


When a beehive is radiated from the outside with the help of an IR camera, the heat emitted by bees inside can be imaged.


If the cluster is rather strong, it can be detected without any problem. A colony cluster has a typical form and the hottest part in the center core. In a colony without a queen the bees do not cluster tightly and generally produce a diffuse heat pattern.

The best imaging position is from directly in front or behind a hive and from the top, and the best time of the day to use an IR camera is early morning.

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Selecting a camera

The most important features to consider, while choosing the IR camera, are thermal resolution and sensitivity. A proper combination of higher resolution and sensitivity improves accuracy at greater distances.

The cameras with the resolution of 5000 pixels are a bit marginal and will work only at very close distance. As for the second feature, almost all cameras, except for the least expensive, have adequate sensitivity.


For the precise imaging of your beehives, we recommend to take a look at the following cameras from Elma Instruments:

63909-0904 FLIR E5 WiFi63907-0704 FLIR E6 WiFi63908-0805 FLIR E8 WiFi

  1. 63909-0904 FLIR E5 WiFi – Product Link
  2. 63907-0704 FLIR E6 WiFi – Product Link
  3. 63908-0805 FLIR E8 WiFi – Product Link


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5% discount only with BMP Innovation

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