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Non-invasive monitoring that improves quality of life and increases profits

Our monitoring technology gives farmers accurate and real-time information on health, fertility, pregnancy and growth rates, enabling smarter farm management that saves time and resource.

Non-invasive monitoring allows the animals to have a greater quality of life, without the stress of unnecessary intervention, while also alerting the farmer when there is a real need for action to be taken.

Our three distinct monitoring services cover calving and the calf’s early days, cow-herd monitoring and pig-growth monitoring. Find out more.

Non-invasive calving monitoring to reduce intrusion and increase survival rates

Non-invasive infrared monitoring of cows during calving detects cases early where assistance is needed. This helps prevent stillbirths, loss of fertility and reduction in milk yields.

Non-invasive pig-growth monitoring

Predict and monitor size, health, weight and pig quality to maximise potential farm profit.

Non-invasive cow-herd monitoring

Enabling farmers to get an accurate, real-time indication of fever, mastitis, pregnancy and fertility periods in a herd. Increasing the success rate of breeding and reducing the spread of illness and mass use of antibiotics.

Safe and effective infrared technology

EyeFarming C300 is a cost-efficient infrared thermographic sensor, providing automated measurement and greater control that results in more profitable and sustainable farming.