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Non-invasive pig-growth monitoring

Predict and monitor size, health, weight and pig quality to maximise potential farm profit.

Integrated and intuitive technology

Analyse and accurately influence growth rates.

The profit a farm makes from pigs is largely down to the size and overall quality of the animals. With our thermal infrared cameras, pigs can be individually monitored to detect whether they are getting fat enough, fast enough.

The camera monitors each pig’s temperature, size, weight and position to get an overall picture of its growth rate and health. Through looking at its position, the behaviour of the pig can be analyzed and any abnormalities detected. When integrated with a farm management system (FMS), data can be collected on the most efficient forms of feeding for each breed of pig, and how to get them to the desired weight most effectively.

To ensure that the systems are easy to use, an enormous amount of data is collected but only a small amount of defined data is delivered to the farmer. This enables valuable information to be used effectively and efficiently.

Once data has been collected for a short space of time, farmers can accurately predict the size and quality that pigs will reach based on their genetic line, food and environment.

  • Maximises farm profits

  • Facilitates accurate and detailed prediction of growth rates

  • Monitors for potential sickness and unusual behaviour

  • Integrates with FMS

  • Saves time and resource

  • Non-invasive simple-to-use technology

  • Improves quality of life for the pigs and the quality of the farm’s produce

Safe and effective infrared technology

EyeFarming C300 is a cost-efficient infrared thermographic sensor, providing automated measurement and greater control that results in more profitable and sustainable farming.