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Effective solutions for smart farming

We are modernizing farm management by combining farmers’ experience with our technological expertise to create solutions that prevent issues before they become costly.

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.” Lord Kelvin

The ability to use infrared technology to improve farming methods has long been possible, but not feasible. For many years universities across the world have been using this technology for disease analysis, but only now is there a cost-effective solution designed for the agricultural market.

At BMP Innovation we have modernized established methods to create a viable product that is simple to use and gives invaluable insight, enabling the next generation of smart farming.

Prevent the introduction of disease with greater efficiency

Our biosecurity service enables early monitoring of potential sickness, before animals enter the farm environment.

Detect fever and consciousness during the slaughtering process

Our technology enables abattoirs to automatically screen for the presence of fever before an animal is slaughtered, and monitors consciousness throughout to ensure a humane process.

Non-invasive monitoring that improves quality of life and increases profits

Our monitoring technology gives farmers accurate and real-time information on health, fertility, pregnancy and growth rates, enabling smarter farm management that saves time and resource.

Safe and effective infrared technology

EyeFarming C300 is a cost-efficient infrared thermographic sensor, providing automated measurement and greater control that results in more profitable and sustainable farming.

“The founding team of BMP has an impressive background and competence in innovative high technology product development from blue-chip companies such as Ericsson, Flir, Tobii and Electa. I have the utmost confidence in their commitment and ability to develop a strong company that will contribute positively to a more sustainable food industry by developing a wide range of camera based test and measurement solutions.”

MICHAEL JÄDERLIND – Entrepreneur/Investor, Founder & former CEO of Nansen
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